ADULT BIBLE CLASS   Sunday 10 a.m.

Pastor Gilbert systematically teaches through the Bible.  Anyone of any age is invited to attend this class.

SUNDAY SCHOOL   Sunday 10 a.m.

We have classes for kids of all ages.  Before classes begin, we will help children find the right class for their age.

JUNIOR CHURCH   Sunday 11 a.m.

After the songs and the offering in the main auditorium, the kids are dismissed to the Junior Church class.  They will sing more songs, and hear an exciting and immersive Bible lesson.

KINGS KIDS   Wednesdays at 6:30

Each Wednesday, the kids will sing songs, recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States, the pledge to the Christian flag, and the pledge to the Bible.  Then, there is a Bible lesson followed by a snack and a game.

TEENS Sunday 10 a.m. & Wednesdays at 6:30

Our teens enjoy relevant Bible studies, games, snacks, activities, conferences, trips, and camps.  Call or text pastor Joe for more info (928) 303-8793.